Rock Against Bush

In the Christian Science Monitor today, more about Rock Against Bush:

Protest song is back - with a vengeance. And this time the lyrics are not just antiwar. From hip-hop to punk to rock, artists are wailing against President Bush.

Some of the new songs, unsurprisingly, address the war on Iraq. But whereas protest songs during the Vietnam era were broadly antiwar in their message, the new batch of political tunes aren't narrowly focused on the recent war. It's more personal than that. Most of the music is targeted at the actions and policies of one man: George W. Bush.

Organizing the project is the leader of NOFX, Fat Mike, who also started the website punkvoter.com, now getting 500,000 unique visitors and 14 million hits a month:

"Punk rockers have been against government policy from the start, but it's never been specific," asserts Mike. "This is the first time we've been focused on one thing - getting Bush out of office."

As to the music:

Volume II of the Rock Against Bush compilation will come out Aug. 10 and includes such mainstream pop acts as No Doubt, The Foo Fighters, Green Day, and Yellowcard.

Here's a sample of Volume I which came out April 20. You can buy it here.

Update: The anti-Bush movement is spreading to designer clothing stores in New York.

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