Trent Lott Defends Torture, Killing of Prisoners

by TChris

Trent Lott's knack for saying in public what other right-wingers in power only mutter behind closed doors cost him his position as Senate majority leader. Now it should cost him his job.

In an interview, Lott defended the torture of prisoners.

"Hey, nothing wrong with holding a dog up there, unless the dog ate him, scared him with a dog," Lott said. When WAPT news anchorman Brad McMullan noted that a prisoner died at Abu Ghraib, apparently after a beating, Lott responded, "This is not Sunday school; this is interrogation; this is rough stuff."

No Trent, beating a man to death is not interrogation; it's murder. But Trent doesn't mind murdering prisoners, because in his view, they deserve to die anyway.

Some of the prisoners "should not have been prisoners in the first place, probably should have been killed," he added.

The Trent Lott defense to murder: "He had it coming."

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