Tip For Speeders

by TChris

If you're speeding through Pennsylvania, don't count on CB enthusiasts to alert you to the squad car that's parked behind a billboard over the next hill. Invest in a good radar detector instead (or, if all else fails, slow down).

State police are dressing in camouflage and hiding in the woods with their radar guns.

In one five-hour blitz in Indiana County last week, troopers issued 25 citations to motorists zooming along at least 15 miles faster than the posted 55 mph limit - including one leadfoot cited for going 90 mph.

While the National Motorists Association complains that "studies show police are effective when they're visible" -- effective at reducing traffic speed, not so much at writing tickets -- dressing in camouflage and sitting in the woods is tons more fun than sitting in a car. Don't expect tactics to change soon -- at least, not before winter.

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