Remember Tommy Chong

by TChris

Every few months, it's worth remembering that your tax dollars are being spent to incarcerate Tommy Chong so that the Justice Department could send a message about pot pipes and bhongs.

Chong’s home was raided in February 2003 as part of the Justice Department’s nationwide crackdown against 55 companies and individuals who, according to a rarely enforced federal law, were illegally selling drug paraphernalia over the Internet. In May 2003, Chong pleaded guilty to the charge of conspiracy to distribute paraphernalia, and on October 8, 2003, he started serving a nine-month sentence at Taft Correctional Institution, a privately run federal prison in central California.

The linked article leads to an internet petition demanding Chong's release, and to other sites that protest the decision to single out Chong for harsh treatment because of his symbolic value. Prior TalkLeft coverage of Chong's case is collected here.

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