House Votes to Tear Down Abu Ghraib

The House of Representatives today voted to tear down Abu Graib prison in Iraq. The vote was 308-114 to include the tear-down provision in a $422 billion defense spending bill.

After the tear-down, we would pay to build a modern detention center in its place. The bill requires the consent of the new Iraqi Government because by the time the bill passes the Senate, it will be after June 30 and no longer our decision to make, says Congressman Curt Weldon, a Republican co-sponsor of the bill.

Really? That's not what the Walll Street Journal and New York Times have reported. Via Eric Alterman at Altercation:

If you are not buying the Journal every day during this scandal, you are missing the best non-Hersh reporting to come out of it. For instance today the Times has a much less informative and more administration friendly version of the story that Journal readers read a week ago, in which U.S. authorities admit in the fine print that the June 30 handover will be a ruse and that Americans will be running Iraq as much as ever. Today’s top story: “U.S. Generals Say No System Exists For Abuse Reports.”

Like Eric says, "don't feel guilty about skipping the editorial pages."

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