Justice Dept. to Probe CIA Over Three Prisoners' Deaths

According to a Department of Justice official:

The CIA has sent three cases to the Justice Department for possible criminal prosecution against agency personnel accused of involvement in the deaths of prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan....The deaths last year have been linked to CIA officers and contractors.

Case Number 1:

The earliest case was a June 2003 prisoner death at a U.S. holding facility in Afghanistan's Kunar province, near the border with Pakistan. On June 23, the military announced the death, which may have involved a CIA contractor.

Case Number 2:

....the role of a CIA officer and agency contractor in the November death of a prisoner at the now-famous Abu Ghraib facility outside Baghdad.

Case Number 3:

Also that month, Maj. Gen. Abed Hamed Mowhoush, a former commander of Saddam's air defenses, died after complaining he didn't feel well during an interrogation in Qaim, Iraq. A CIA officer may have been involved.

What about the June 6, 2003 death of an Iraqi detainee ?

What about this soldier who abused a prisoner and in December, 2003 got a sanction (keeping his pension)?

What about these soldiers who received a discharge from the military rather than face a court martial for their abuse of an Iraqi soldier in January, 2004?

What about these cases of abuse?

What about these soldiers who killed an Iraqi couple in January, 2004, orphaning their five children?

What about Sadiq Zoman Abrahim, who claimed the U.S. used electroshock torture on him? Read this account, from January, 2004.

What about these two deaths of journalists and an alleged U.S. lie?

What about the torture claims of Baha al-Maliki, a widower and father of two young boys, in February, 2004?

What about this Human Rights Watch report in March, 2004 that accused U.S. troops of abusing Afghani prisoners?

What about these six soldiers in March, 2004 who were accused of torturing Iraqi prisoners?

So yes, it's great that the CIA has sent in three cases for criminal prosecution, but, how many more are out there?

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