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Via Agonist: Charm school time for U.S. soldiers:

At the Camp War Horse detention centre in Baguba, north of Baghdad, it is a surreal scene: US soldiers handing out cash to freed prisoners along with a note saying "You have not been mistreated."

Happy birthday to Matthew Yglesias who turns 23 tomorrow and describes his eventful year:

It's been a pretty eventful twelve months, from the Spurs heroic victory over the Lakers in the Conference Finals right after I turned 22 to their tragic defeat in the Conference Semis right before I turned 23. Perhaps more importantly, I graduated from college, saw a good swath of Italy, moved to a new city, acquired some new friends, and started a new job. More thoughts later.

Patrick at Electrolite explains why "Senator Inhofe is a disgrace to the Senate, to his party, and to the United States of America."

Kevin Drum at Political Animal wants to know more about Joseph Darby, the soldier who blew the whistle on the abuse at Abu Ghraib.

TomPaine.com has a great quote today:

"I don't care what the international lawyers say, we are going to kick some ass." President George W. Bush, Sept. 11, 2001 (quoted by Richard A. Clarke, Against All Enemies) .

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