New Allegations Surface About Michael Jackson's Prosecutor

A Santa Barbara dentist is making serious misconduct allegations against Tom Sneddon, the DA in charge of the Michael Jackson prosecution:

Sundaram's allegations against Sneddon were serious, in that he also claimed to have heard, first-hand, statements by Sneddon and others in the DA's office that suggest that Santa Barbara police persecution of innocent citizens is planned, common, and often racially motivated. Sundaram said that in 1994, he attended a fund-raising event with Tom Sneddon and other city officials, where ways to "get Michael Jackson out of the county" were discussed. Racist remarks were allegedly made on that occasion. According to Sundaram, other alleged vendettas were discussed as well, to the extent where he said it resembled a Mafia planning session.

Sundaram's allegations are not an isolated instance. There have been many complaints and law-suits against the Santa Barbara DA's office. The new counts against Jackson may be consistent with a pattern that Santa Barbara defense attorney Gary Dunlap has called "stacking charges."

Back in November, we published a sampling of quotes issued by Sneddon about Jackson over the past ten years, which we got from doing a Lexis query that turned up 100 entries for "Tom Sneddon" and "Michael Jackson" between 1994 and 2001. Sneddon still denies he's a man on a mission to get Michael Jackson.

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