Diana DeGette: Rumsfeld Must Resign

Congresswoman Diana DeGette (D-CO) says for the good of the nation, Rumsfeld must resign:

Secretary Rumsfeld's reckless leadership has jeopardized the lives of American soldiers and is seriously compromising our ability to prosecute the war on terror. It is not enough to be appalled by their actions. Day by day what was accomplished by the removal of Saddam Hussein is being undermined by our directionless occupation. Prior to the war, Mr. Rumsfeld told the American people time and time again that our troops would be greeted as liberators. As it turns out, instead of winning the hearts and minds of Iraqis, the American occupation is alienating many and sending some into the arms of extremists.

There have been too many failures under Secretary Rumsfeld's stewardship. It was his Pentagon that provided wholly inaccurate intelligence on the threat Iraq posed to the United States. It was his Pentagon that failed to create any plan to secure Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein. It was his Pentagon that failed to provide sufficient troops to quell the violence in Iraq. It was his Pentagon that failed to provide our G.I.s with body armor and sufficiently armored Humvees. It is not enough for Mr. Rumsfeld to come before Congress and express sorrow for the atrocities committed under his watch. The resignation of Secretary Rumsfeld is the first step for us in correcting this laundry list of failures. The American public demands accountability. Our brave men and women in uniform deserve nothing less.

We've agreed to be a sponsor at a reception for Diana on June 1, to benefit her re-election campaign. We must raise $1,000.00 for her. Please help. She doesn't have an on-line contribution page, but you can contribute through our paypal page by making a donation that ends in $.33. Any amount is fine.

Diana DeGette is an outstanding Congresswoman. Before serving in the state legislature and Congress, she was a criminal defense attorney. She is personally opposed to the death penalty. She authored the Colorado "bubble bill" protecting women at abortion clinics--which law was later upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Please include your name, address and email address so we can send you a confirmation that your donation was sent to Diana--and so that Diana will have the information she needs for the FEC. If you give over $200, and you are employed outside the home, you must also include your employer's name and occupation.

Diana has always been there for the underdog and the Democrats. Please give generously. You can also send a check directly to DeGette for Congress, P.O. Box 77483, Washington, DC 20013. If you do send a check in response to our request, please let us know so we can tell Diana.

If you're in Denver and would like to attend the event, a ticket is $150.00--e-mail us for details.

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