Sunday Travel

We're on the road today. The TL kid is in New York, studying for law school finals, so we'll be spending much of Mother's Day with Markos of Daily Kos, his wife Elisa and baby Ari in Berkeley, who are just back from a trip to El Salvador. Monday we're giving a lecture to habeas (death penaltyappeals) lawyers in San Francisco on how to challenge eyewitness identification evidence, and then we'll be back. TChris will be around some while we're gone, as his schedule permits, and we'll post a bit from the road, just not at our usual pace.

We hope all you readers (including the TL kid) will remember to call your mothers today....and we wish all the mothers reading this a happy and relaxing day Mother's Day.

P.S. Check out this picture of Ari in Wired News, part of an article Elisa wrote about the environmental dilemma of diapers.

Update: What a great day. We're now Tia Jeralyn. The cutest baby we've seen in 20 years.

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