Iraq Meltdown

George Hunsinger, who teaches at the Princeton Theological Seminary, writes about the Meltdown in Iraq:

One year after "Mission Accomplished" was proclaimed by President Bush,
America may have lost the war in Iraq. Insurgency, instability and social
chaos, the familiar problems dogging the occupation, were exacerbated in
April by mutiny, collapsing authority and military deadlock. Then came the
devastating revelations of atrocity - first in the brutal siege of Fallujah,
then in the unspeakable photographs of torture from the Abu Ghraib prison.
The occupation has reached the point of meltdown.

"We have failed," stated retired Gen. William E. Odom, currently director of the Hudson Institute, a pro-administration think-tank. In an interview which rocked the foreign policy establishment, Odom told the Wall Street Journal he had abandoned all hope for success in Iraq. Predicting a radical Islamist regime hostile to the West, one prepared to fund terrorist organizations, he called for the swift withdrawal of U.S. forces. Otherwise Iraqis will be radicalized even further, he warned, risking the destabilization of the entire region.

We wrote about Odom and his advice here.

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