Cleaning Up After the Iraq Prisoner Scandal

Manish of Damn Foreigner: May 2004 Archives discusses what the U.S. should do to clean itself up after the Iraqi prisoner abuse --after the obvious steps of cleaning up the prisons and investigating and prosecuting the wrongdoers:

Get out of the business of incarcerating Arabs and Muslims. Any perceived benefit from taking certain people off the streets is easily negated by the pictures that we saw which will inflame those on the outside.This includes a few things..

First Gitmo has to go. Either charge people or release them. We are supposed to be a shining example of freedom and democracy, this doesn't help. The possibility that something like the photos of Abu Ghraib getting out of Gitmo also exists. And quite frankly, lets do this before the Supreme Court makes a decision on this case. Next, we have to release people in Iraq who haven't been charged with a crime. Holding people because we think they might do something bad is simply wrong and un-American. It violates constitutionally protected freedoms that we should be spreading, not suppressing at every chance.

Then for all of the people who should be incarcerated, we should hand over control of the prisons to other people. This can include the Iraqi's themselves, or re-assigning troops in the Coalition of the Willing to those duties. They should have independent oversight by the Red Crescent Society or other such groups.

Good thoughts, Manish. By the way, we owe Manish a huge thanks for ridding us of comment spam. He installed Blacklist-MT on TalkLeft and added a script or something so that now comments will automatically close on posts after 21 days. We haven't had a spam comment in three days.

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