Hunter T. Seeks Justice for Lisl Auman

Update: 2/20/05: Hunter Thompson died tonight. Our tribute to him is here.

Original Post

We've been writing about Hunter Thompson covering Lisl Auman's unjust felony murder conviction for a few years--as well as covering Lisl's case on our own. Lisl was in police custody at the time of the crime, yet under the felony-murder rule she was sentenced to life in prison without parole. As Hunter wrote:

It is no small trick to get a "Convicted cop-killer" out of prison -- but it will be a little easier in this case, because Lisl no more killed a cop than I did. She was handcuffed in the backseat of a Denver Police car when the cop was murdered in cold blood by a vicious skinhead who then shot himself in the head & left the D.A. with nobody to punish for the murder -- except Lisl.

Go out and get the June issue of Vanity Fair. Our's came today. Hunter has written a huge article on Lisl in which he demonizes the Denver Police Department for their conduct in the case. He spares no one. Unfortunately, Vanity Fair articles are not on line.

Meanwhile, Lisl's case will be decided this summer by the Colorado Supreme Court which will decide whether Lisl's arrest by police precluded her liability for felony murder. For more information, and ways to help, go to her website, Lisl.com.

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