Should We Cut and Run in Iraq?

The Dreyfuss Report says pressure is building in London and Washington for us to "cut and run" in Iraq....and John Kerry isn't listening.

Last week, conservative General William Odom—former head of the supersecret National Security Agency—became the first important former top military man to endorse the idea that the United States has bungled Iraq and needs to get out. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Odom said: "We have failed." He urged that U.S. forces be pulled out "from that shattered country as rapidly as possible.. The issue is how high a price we're going to pay—less by getting out sooner, or more by getting out later."

Former U.S. intelligence officials and ex-ambassadors who I've been in touch with are abuzz with Odom's remarks, and they are likely to follow in the footsteps of 52 British diplomats and others who rebuked hapless Tony Blair last week, called the Anglo-American policy in Iraq "doomed to failure."

Dreyfuss says:

Pity that John Kerry is, so far blind to the catastrophe in Iraq. His speeches and wishy-washy policy on Iraq have left him totally unable to capture America's anger over Iraq. Since calling for the UN to take over for the United States in Iraq, Kerry has tacked this way and that, calling for more U.S. troops and pledging to stand firm, whatever that means. It's clear that Kerry doesn't have the backbone to stand up to President Bush on Iraq, the single biggest issue of 2004. Will he get a spine transplant anytime soon? I doubt it. Ralph Nader is campaigning hard for the anti-war vote. He may get mine.

We'll stick with Kerry over Nader, but we'd love to see us out of Iraq sooner than later.

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