Past Reports of Iraqi Prisoner Abuse

Noah at Defense Tech writes of hints of Iraqi prisoner abuse in December. Billmon does the same with details you won't want to miss.

We have been reporting on alleged Iraqi prisoner abuse for a year. Starting with Noah's timeframe of December, working backwards: In December, 2003, we wrote about it here--and in November, we wrote about it here and here. In October, we wrote about an Iraqi prisoner being left to die at the hands of his countrymen.

In August, 2003, we wrote about a military hearing investigating abuse of Iraqi prisoners. We pointed out a Guardian article of concern to us here.

In July, 2003, we wrote about four U.S. soldiers who were charged with abusing POW's in May at a prison camp in Southeastern Iraq. In June, 2003, we reported the U.S. was investigating whether U.S. troops were responsible for the mystery death of an Iraqi POW.

In May, 2003, we wrote about suspected abuse of Iraqi pows by british soldiers. A soldier had left a roll of film for developing.

The film depicted a bound and gagged Iraqi inside a net that was suspended from a forklift, according to The Sun, which first reported the story this morning. The Sun also reported that the roll included pictures of soldiers performing sex acts near Iraqi prisoners.

So there have been hints, reports, investigation and hearings into abuse of Iraqi POW's all along. We can't help but question the sincerity of those in the military and Bush Administration who profess to be so shocked about it now.

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