The Religion Debate

For those of you interested in the religion debate that's sweeping the blogosphere, we'll lay out the sides so everyone can weigh in. Atrios, of the most popular liberal blog, Eschaton, started if off with this post.

Following up with support or explanations of what he said is Tristero, who weighs in with Politics is One Thing, Religion Another and Patriot Boy.

Taking another point of view is Kevin Drum at Political Animal. Kevin also has an addendum with links to other bloggers weighing in on the issue. Also see, Patrick Nielsen Hayden of Electrolite. Jeanne of Body and Soul weighs in via letter to Atrios.

Those critical of Atrios' view include Melanie at Bump in the Beltway , Amy Sullivan , Magpie at Pacific Views , and Chuck Corrie.

We'll wrap up with Atrios's clarification and response here.

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