Some Papers Pull or Censor Doonesbury

by TChris

Doonesbury, the comic strip that is no stranger to controversy, has been censored again.

In a story line that began Monday, B.D., a football coach-turned-soldier, lost a leg after being reactivated in the Army at the end of 2002. In Friday's strip, his doctor explains how amputees go through a grieving process that starts with denial, followed by anger. In the final panel, B.D. curses from behind a hospital curtain, skipping the denial.

The curse (popularly abbreviated as "S.O.B.") was deleted by some papers, while at least two others pulled the strip.

The strip's creator, Garry Trudeau, explained his decision to pursue a story line that leaves B.D. disabled but not dead.

"It seemed far more useful to look at an extreme sacrifice, short of death," the "Doonesbury" creator told Association of American Editorial Cartoonists convention attendees here today. "I want to show the process of recovery and rehabilitation ... and the impact on family and friends. B.D.'s life will never be the same. That's why I took his helmet off after 34 years. He's moving on to a different part of his life."

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