USA Today's Top Editor Resigns

Remember Jack Kelley, the reporter for USA Today who was fired after a scandal in which it was disclosed that he had fabricated many stories for the paper ? Last night, Karen Jurgenson, the top editor at USA Today and an employee of the paper since its inception in 1982, abruptly resigned over the Kelley matter.

Tom Squitieri, a reporter who covers defense and foreign affairs, expressed regret only that Ms. Jurgensen had chosen to step aside before those editors who had more directly supervised Mr. Kelley. ``The editor least responsible for what happened is the one who has been forced to go,'' said Mr. Squitieri, who has worked at the newspaper since 1989. ``I and several of my colleagues are waiting to see if others will follow her lead.'' He He declined to identify who he thought those editors should be.

Who's Tom talking about? He doesn't say but other reporters at the paper are citing USA Today's Managing Editor Hal Ritter as being far closer to Kelly's work in terms of supervision. Meanwhile, Jack Kelly's wife is still employed by the paper as an advertising executive.

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