KDrink Company Responds

Last week we wrote about KDrink, a new Peruvian beverage which provides a buzz from the coca leaf:

In need of a little pick-me-up? Head on down to Peru and hit the grocery stores, where you'll find a new kind of iced tea drink--KDrink--with a formula made from coca leaves, the prime ingredient in cocaine.... Silvia Dongo, a pharmaceutical chemist who helped develop Kdrink, says the beverage provides energy from its 15 vitamins and minerals, 12 amino acids and 14 to 16 alkaloids that are found naturally in coca leaves. "Drinking coca beverages is a way to seek a natural and healthy stimulation," she says.

We said, "Sounds no different than Red Bull to us, but somehow, we think Drug Czar John Walters and AG Ashcroft will find a way to keep it from coming to America. "

Today we received an e-mail from Royal Food and Drink Co. in Peru, owner and maker of KDrink, with a request we publish it. We're happy to oblige.

Royal Food and Drink, the owner of KDrink, has been over two years developing a product based on a coca leaf and his exctract. During this time the company has used a lot of resources on investigation by the hand of the first chemical company in the world (I´m not going to mention any brand) to determine any health contraindication related with the product we were going to launch to the market. As well we are working with some countries health departaments to obtain health certificates with a lot of success. Being simple, to have any kind of addiction we would need an stomach ten times bigger than we have to keep all the liquid we would need to drink.

There is a kick from drinking KDrink, of course, but less than most brands of cola drinks in the world, less than a cup of coffee, double than a cup of tea, far less than any product containing taurina, cafeina and güarana and of course much more natural than the overwrite products. KDrink is 100% natural product without any kind of additives, colourants or preservants. The 300 cl. bottle is a refreshment not an energetic drink, that use to come in a small can.

One of the big mistakes about the coca leaf is to confuse it with the cocaine. Cocaine is one of the 14 alkaloids of the leaf and need to be procesed and mixed with other 15 chemical components to arrive firstable to cocaine sulfate and afterwards to cocaine cloridrate. Between the other alkaloids we can find globuline, pectine, engonine etc. that have such a good benefits for health that we cannot find it in other natural product. In fact Andine people is using it since precolombine period under hunger, extreme work and other unhuman situations.
I highly recomend to read Katleen M. Kantak work from Harvard, Mass. about the coca leaf qualities or visit our WEB site kokkadrink.com. By the moment is only in Spanish but soon will be in English.

There is a social problem about the coca bush that cannot be solved by eradication of plantations. Only the alternative products will have the solution and this is a reallity that only knows who knows the Ande. I would like to say that Royal Food & Drink team is a group of people with a lot of experience, most of them with career, and call us b**tards in a place with a remote posibilities of defence is a way of dictatorship.

Thanks to KDrink for the response.

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