'Round the Bloggerhood

Has anyone noticed Billmon at Whiskey Bar has a "closed" sign up? We hope it's temporary.

Geoff Nunberg will be mentioning a bunch of blogs on his NPR Fresh Air program Monday. Congrats to Skippy for being included.

Happy blogiversary to Atrios and James Capozzola -- Eschaton and Rittenhouse Review turned two years old this week.

Wonkette makes the New York Times:

With her gossipy, raunchy, potty-mouthed blog, Ms. Cox, a 31-year-old self-described failed journalist, has grabbed the attention of staid Washington, where gossip columns usually amount to little more than records of Capitol Hill staff changes and James Carville sightings. As she puts it, her mission for her blog (www.wonkette.com) is to write "a blend of gossip and satire and things I make up." It supports no party line, mixing gossip items from newspapers and Web sites with tips e-mailed from readers, which could be anything from guesses about which members of the Bush administration are gay to blind items on Washington luminaries. "

Josh Marshall receives a heartfelt e-mail from the employer of the four kidnapped Italian bodyguards in Iraq, with special praise for Fabrizio who was killed.

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