The DEA Wants to Keep You in Pain

Last One Speaks has the latest in the DEA's war against patients in pain:

If you're Richard Paey, a 45-year-old father of three who sits in a wheelchair, debilitated by multiple sclerosis and chronic pain from botched back surgery, you will receive a 25-year mandatory minimum sentence for forging prescriptions to treat your pain.

The St. Petersburg Times, in an editorial, says:

This is an abuse of our criminal justice resources. Paey is not a man who belongs in prison. What he and other pain patients need is a health care system that will respond to their affliction. (Paey now has a morphine pump in his back to dull the pain. His wife says, ironically, it provides him with more narcotics than he was getting from the Percocet, which is 98.5 percent Tylenol.)

Back to Last One Speaks for the last word:

I think the agency has outlived any usefulness it may have ever had, but that aside, it's clearly long past time for the DEA to get out of the business of harassing and imprisoning the chronically ill citizens of this country and their caregivers.

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