William Myers Passes Judiciary Committee Vote

The Senate Judiciary Committee today voted 10 to 9 to send Bush's nomination of William Myers for a seat on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to a full vote of the Judiciary Committee. Here is what People for American Way have to say:

“If only this nomination were a bad April Fool’s Day joke. With no judicial experience, William Myers is one of the least qualified nominees the Bush Administration has put forward, and among the farthest from the mainstream of judicial philosophy. “His record demonstrates his willingness to take his private-sector advocacy as a lobbyist for the mining and cattle industries directly to his job as a public servant at the Interior Department. His anti-environmental stance and disregard for the rights of Indian tribes have led to fierce opposition from environmental groups and tribal leaders.

“Like other Bush nominees, Myers embraces a radical, ‘neo-federalist’ approach to the Constitution, so anti-government that it threatens to dismantle hard-won victories in environmental protection, reproductive choice, health and safety and social justice. His particular antipathy toward tribal rights and environmental safeguards make him the wrong choice for the 9th circuit, a huge judicial district that includes vast stretches of fragile federal lands, and is home to millions of Native Americans.

“Myers’ thin judicial qualifications, extremist philosophy and deeply troubling record should be enough to convince a majority of the Senate to reject his nomination outright. If not, we urge Senate opponents to use every means to block this nomination. The Senate has approved 173 Bush Administration nominees to the appellate and district courts, and blocked just six. If necessary, Mr. Myers should be the seventh. ”

Here is PFAW's memo on Mr. Myers.

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