Terrorism Protection v. Privacy

by TChris

A new survey by the Council on Excellence in Government points to the difficulty that Americans have reconciling their concerns about terrorism with their concerns about privacy.

  • "nearly 60 percent of adults in the survey said government should have access to personal information that companies collect about consumers if there is any chance it will help prevent terrorism," but ...
  • "72 percent of adults have only some or very little trust in government to use personal information properly," while ...
  • only 16 percent "endorsed creation of a national identification card."

The survey also shows that Americans have become less worried about terrorist attacks (at least in their own neighborhoods) after 9/11, but most believe that the United States will be targeted in another major attack, at home or abroad, in the next few months. However, "84 percent of Americans don't change their daily routine when the nation's color-coded threat level rises."

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