Nader Tells Kerry to Loosen Up

Ralph Nader is now giving campaign advice. Today, he advised John Kerry to loosen up:

John Kerry has got to get loose,'' Nader said. "He cannot allow political consultants to put handcuffs on his mind and his imagination. He's got to stop talking Senate-ese and be the old John Kerry I knew 23 years ago.''

Appearing on Crossfire, he denied that his candidacy will take votes from Kerry:

"The Democrats should just stop whining and go to work,'' Nader said. "They should be landsliding Bush.'' .... As for liberals who call him vindictive or egomaniacal, Nader said, "That means they're out of arguments.''

Nader plans to meet and discuss strategy for booting Bush with Kerry and Howard Dean in the next month. The strategy we'd like to see from Nader is one where he drops out of the race and endorses and campaigns for Kerry.

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