Court Rules 'Choose Life' License Plates Unconstitutional

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled yesterday that South Carolina's "Choose Life" license plates violate the First Amendment:

A three-judge panel unanimously ruled Monday that the plates, which bear the slogan "Choose Life" violate the First Amendment by giving anti-abortion advocates a forum to express their beliefs without giving abortion rights supporters a similar forum. "By limiting access to a specialty license plate to those who agree with its pro-life position, the State has distorted the forum in favor of its own viewpoint," the court wrote. "...South Carolina has engaged in viewpoint discrimination by allowing only the Choose Life plate."

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals took a different position in 2002 and upheld Louisiana's "choose life" plates, finding a lack of standing to sue. This could mean the Supreme Court will make the final decision on the issue. Meanwhile, in Georgia today, the Senate approved "choose life" license plates.

We have a simple solution. Allow "Choose Life" license plates, provided they include the phrase "End the Death Penalty."

[links via How Appealing]

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