Canada to Put Marijuana in Pharmacies

Pharmacies in Canada will soon be provided with Government marijuana to dispense to patients:

Officials are organizing a pilot project in British Columbia, modelled on a year-old program in the Netherlands, that would allow medical users to buy marijuana at their local drugstore. Currently, there are 78 medical users in Canada permitted to buy Health Canada marijuana, which is grown in Flin Flon, Man. The 30-gram bags of dried buds, sold for $150 each, now are sent by courier directly to patients or to their doctors.

But the department is changing the regulations to allow participating pharmacies to stock marijuana for sale to approved patients without a doctor's prescription, similar to regulations governing so-called morning-after pills, emergency contraceptives that can be obtained directly from a pharmacist without the need for a doctor's signature.

The quality of the pot isn't up to snuff yet, but the Government promises it's working on the problem.

A department spokeswoman says tests are under way to improve the marijuana after numerous complaints from users. "We are taking the concerns of users seriously," said Aggie Adamczyk.

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