Neil and Sharon Bush: A Bubble Bath

There are a lot of reasons to buy the April issue of Vanity Fair, including the article on political bloggers --but the best reason is the article on Neil and Sharon Bush--we could not put it down. Trust us, it's not a soap opera, but a bubble bath. It's not online, and unfortunately, we don't have the energy to retype it. Even Lloyd Grove barely manages to scratch the surface in this Daily Dish column:

  • Both Sharon and Neil (who last weekend married Houston socialite Maria Andrews) spoke at length to reporter Vicky Ward about their train wreck of a marriage, the role of the first President Bush in their divorce, and the lawsuit that Andrews' ex-husband, Thomas Andrews, has filed against Sharon for claiming that Maria's young son is actually Neil's. Ward reveals that:
  • Neil suggested divorce in a May 2002 E-mail: "We're almost out of money and I've lost my patience for being compared to my brothers, for being put down for my inability to make money, and tired of not being loved."
  • A friend of Neil's, Jamal Daniel, bought Sharon and Neil a $380,000 cottage in Maine at Sharon's request: "Neil was embarrassed by Sharon's 'end runs' to friends, to ask for things."
  • Sharon exploded when she found Neil and Maria at a smoothie shop, calling the Mexican-born Andrews a "Mexican whore" and "Mexican trash."
  • After Sharon pulled some hair out of Neil's head, his lawyers accused her of practicing voodoo. But Sharon shot back: "I pulled Neil's hair out because I wanted to get it tested for cocaine, not because of voodoo."
  • The former President Bush refused Sharon's request for a $467,000 loan to keep her Houston mansion, telling her to find something cheaper. "The divorce is final," the elder Bush wrote, "[and] the best thing for you to do is get on with your life. Close the unhappy chapter with Neil, find a job, and look to the future, not the past."

Really, there is so much more in the article, it's more than worth the price of the magazine.

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