Spanish Judge Finds Cause To Hold 3 Moroccans

A Judge in Spain Friday found enough evidence linking three Moroccans to Spain's bombings to order them held without bond.

All three denied involvement and said they were sleeping at the time. One shouted his innocence in court. Another cried.

The Judge found no evidence to link an Algerian suspect to the bombings, and ordered him released. The two Indian men arrested last week were ordered held on charges of collaborating with a terrorist organization.

This apparently was a low-budget bombing--officials estimate it cost less than $1,000.00. The perpetrators used a stolen van and got the explosives for free.

A Spaniard arrested Thursday allegedly knew one of the Moroccans from a prior jail stay and provided the blasting caps as a favor.

Update: The Washington Post reports that the investigation is focusing on a terror cell in Tangiers.

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