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Say hello to Jeff Smith from Missouri. He's running for Congress and taken out an ad on TalkLeft to raise funds. Please help him. Here's what one of his blogger supporters emailed us:

He is challenging one of the worst candidates I've ever seen in Russ Carnahan. But besides Carnahan there are several pro-life candidates in the race and of the candidates who are viable, Jeff is the only one who is against the death penalty and he has a strong stand on the Patriot Act. If the others win, while they are decent people and I'd vote for them as long as they voted for Pelosi, for a relatively safe district it'd be a shame. Jeff is having good success outside of the district, but the machine has cut off most local funds. He is trying blog ads to see if that can be another source of funds.

As we learn more about other Democratic candidates around the country, including but not limited to those who advertise on TalkLeft, we'll write about them. And don't forget to support the DNC. We can take both the White House and Congress this year if we put our minds, hearts and wallets into the effort.

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