All Five Returned British Detainees Freed

After a day of questioning in Britain, all five Guantanamo detainees returned this week by the U.S. have been freed without charges. They have been reunited with their families.

After around two years in the US camp in Cuba and just over 24 hours at a high-security police station, Tarek Dergoul, 26, from London, was freed at around 10pm. He was soon followed by Shafiq Rasul, also 26, and Rhuhel Ahmed and Asif Iqbal, both 22, all of whom are from Tipton in the West Midlands. They were reunited with their families at secret locations of their choice.

A bidding war is ongoing for their stories. They should make for interesting reading. Who are they?

It has been alleged that Mr Dergoul was captured in the Tora Bora mountains in Afghanistan following the fall of the Taliban. He is believed to have had an arm amputated and had problems walking due to severe frostbite. His family say he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Mr Rasul flew to Pakistan to take a computer course, Mr Iqbal to meet a prospective bride and Mr Ahmed told his family he was going to help with Mr Iqbal's wedding.

Meanwhile, there are four more Britons and three British residents still detained at Guantanamo. Approximately 600 prisoners remain. Where are the charges? Where are the trials? Two years is far too long to be holding these men (and in some cases, children.) If they didn't commit a crime, they shouldn't be doing time.

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