Police Theorize Prosecutor Luna Killed Himself

Police now speculate that former federal prosecutor Jonathan Luna, whose mysterious death three months ago has never been explained, may have killed himself. We don't see it. Not with 36 superficial stab wounds and Luna found face down in a creek. Some experts say the number of wounds don't rule out suicide, they could be "hesitation wounds."

We think the investigation got botched along the way. Why? How many times does this happen in a federal murder investigation?

When an unidentified female FBI agent was found to have "referred several cases to Luna" for prosecution she was "questioned about her private life," "ordered to turn over her private computer for a search" and was "asked if she had been having an affair" with Luna. The agent "denied the implication" and "protested the questioning." FBI headquarters now admits that interrogation was "wrong," and may have been prompted by "personal" animosities on the part of supervisory agents. The "potentially inappropriate behavior" is now under internal investigation, according to a bureau spokesman.

The Luna homicide had been under the direction of former acting Special Agent in Charge Jennifer Love....Now, a senior agent working for Love - and possibly Love herself - appear to be the subject of the internal FBI probe.

Then there's this unresolved angle:

As the FBI looked into Luna's background and financial situation after his death, agents reopened a probe into $36,000 in missing evidence in a bank robbery case that Luna prosecuted in September 2002. As the trial ended, authorities discovered that the money had vanished while being transported from the courtroom to a storage area. The FBI investigated the disappearance, but the case is unsolved.

Luna left behind a wife, children and parents. We think the investigation should continue--it should not get shut down as a suicide without more evidence than that disclosed to date.

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