More on Bush Pardon of David McCall

We reported earlier on President Bush's curious pardon of convicted savings and loan fraud participant and former Plano, TX mayor David B. McCall, Jr. Here's a connection:

A prominent Republican Texas state legislator is Brian McCall of Plano, TX. In 1995, Brian McCall introduced H.R. 595--a bill to commemorate the 50th wedding anniversary of David B. McCall, Jr. and Nellie McCall. Brian McCall is the son of David B. McCall, Jr..

David McCall Jr.,'s other son is David McCall, III, a lawyer with the prominent Plano firm of Gay, McCall, Isaacks, Gordon & Roberts, P.C.

Last week, a Plano downtown plaza was renamed for Mr. McCall. It is now called the David McCall Jr. Sesquicentennial Plaza.

The Dallas Morning News says that the McCalls are not top contributors to President Bush's campaign.

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