Bush's $23 Million Drug Testing Folly

We couldn't have said it better ourselves --from the blog at TomPaine.com:

It looked like President Bush hadn't done his homework when he announced during his State of the Union speech a new $23 million initiative to reduce student drug use by expanding drug testing. But the largest-ever study examining drug testing—funded by the federal government—concluded earlier this year that drug testing has no effect on student drug use. Drug testing can actually do more harm than good, according to the ACLU and The Drug Policy Alliance: it humiliates students, undermines trust between students and adult mentors and discourages participation in extracurriculars—the only thing proven to actually reduce drug use rates. And since 95 percent of schools currently do not drug-test their students, it's unlikely that those declines Bush touted had anything to do with drug testing. The $23 million could be put to much better use—including hiring substance-abuse counselors at high schools and making prevention, rather than punishment, the primary focus.

Drug War Rant has lot's more, including facts, figures and links:

$23 million for children's piss. Sound like some kind of perverse pedophiliac penuniary pursuit? No, it's the President of the United States, putting forth the notion that the world will be a better place if we spend $23 million to force children to pee in a cup. Stupid.

We warned this was coming back in October.

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