Feds Abruptly Drop Charges Against Miami Cops

This article in Tuesday's Miami Herald paints a portrait of wrongly accused cops set free by a Perry Mason moment in which a witness admits committing perjury.

Not so fast, says Univ. of Miami law prof Michael Froomkin in Heartwarming Story of Crooked, Violent Cops and the Strangely Unnecessary Perjury that Got Them Off Charges for Burning and Beating a Frequent Felon.

Seems the perjury related to an incident two days before the cops beat and burned the victim, an unsympathetic career criminal.

Given that the core accusations against the cops were that they beat and burned the guy after they had him handcuffed and helpless, what possible difference can it make whether he threw a rock two days earlier? Or even if he, say, had killed a large number people?

Some vindication.

Update: You can read a transcript of the testimony here. (pdf)

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