Bush Appoints Miss. Judge Pickering During Recess

Unbelievable. President Bush installed one of his most objectionable federal judicial nominees, Charles Pickering, on the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals while Congress is in recess. Pickering will serve until January, 2005--or for life, if the Senate confirms him next year.

In an election-year slap at filibustering Democrats, President Bush sidestepped Congress on Friday and installed Mississippi judge Charles Pickering to the federal appeals court after a two-year battle filled with racial, religious and regional argument.

Bush elevated Pickering by recess appointment, simply putting him in office while Congress was out of session. Such appointments, bypassing confirmation, are valid until the next Congress takes office, in this case in January 2005.

People for the American Way had this to say about Bush's action:

This President is dedicated to packing the courts with right-wing judges who will turn back the clock on equal rights, privacy and reproductive freedom, environmental protection and much of the social justice progress we've made in the past half-century. He has demonstrated arrogant disregard for the constitutional checks and balances that ensure independent and fair courts.

"Announcing this appointment as Americans prepare to celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King is an insult to his memory, and to all Americans who are committed to equal justice under the law."

We have this to say: Boot Bush.

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