Kobe Charges His Accuser is Bi-Polar

A new defense filing (pdf) in the Kobe Bryant case says that Kobe's accuser is bi-polar and the jury needs to know this:

Bipolar disorder is also known as manic depressive illness. It is characterized by movement between extremes, such as euphoria and depression, and can be a serious and disabling mental illness.

The documents say the accuser's medical and mental history may demonstrate her "motive, scheme, plan and modus operandi for falsely accusing Mr. Bryant of sexual assault" and should also be considered as a jury determines her credibility.

How so?

In the court documents, defense lawyers claim the facts of the case "strongly suggest the possibility that the accuser was either in a manic state or experiencing rapid cycling of manic and depressive states at the time of the incident with Mr. Bryant."

Such evidence is "crucial" to "support his theory of defense -- that she consented to sexual intercourse with Mr. Bryant. Such evidence would be relevant both to help explain to the jury why this young woman might have engaged in multiple acts of consensual sexual intercourse within the 72 hours preceding her physical examination," the defense documents said.

We say, if it goes to the issue of consent, it should come in. The Judge will decide. As Kobe's lawyers argue:

"The information must be presented to the jury in this case. To do otherwise 'undermines the central truth-seeking aim of our criminal justice system... because it deliberately distorts the record at the risk of misleading the jury into convicting an innocent person,'" the defense filing said, citing another Colorado court case finding.

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