Nightline Examines 9/11 Legal Issues

Nightline is devoting its program this evening to an examination of 9/11 legal issues, including the Padilla, Hamdi and Zacarias Moussaoui cases. The show is called Legal Limbo.

The Supreme Court has announced it will hear an appeal from Yaser Hamdi; he was born in the U.S., captured in Afghanistan, and has been held without charges as an "enemy combatant." Meanwhile "20th hijacker" Zacharias Moussoui is being tried in the American judicial system, and Jose Padilla continues to be held as an "enemy combatant."

Is the country strong enough to use the judicial measures already in place or do the events of 9/11 require a fundamental shift in the judicial process? .... This is an issue that every American has a stake in....

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