Live Chat with Wesley Clark Starts Now

Update: Wesley Clark has answered our question on the live chat going on now:

- talkleft asks: You have criticized the Patriot Act. Which portions of the Patriot Act would you ask Congress to repeal and why? As President, how will you protect our civil liberties while trying to ensure our safety?

- I will suspend the portions of the Patriot Act that have to do with search and seizure law, and we'll go back to old way with probable cause and judges and warrants, and then we'll take the whole act back to the Congress for legislative review. We will have all the authority we need to protect the country from terrorists, but you can't win the war on terror by giving up the very freedoms we're fighting to protect. Wes

The live internet chat with Wesley Clark starts at 5pm ET--now--you can access the chat here.

If you want to participate (they expect 3,000 to log on), here are the details:

Public IRC Server: irc://irc.forclark.com
Closed Read-Only Channel: #wireside
Open Discussion Channel: #clark04

We were flattered to be invited by the campaign to submit a question-- and we did--we hope it's one Gen. Clark chooses to answer. Here are the blogger participants:

Kevin Kraynick "Tooney Bin"
Ted Barlow "Crooked Timber"
Mark A.R. Kleiman "A Fair and Balanced Weblog"
Bill Scher, Executive Editor, "LiberalOasis"
Jeralyn Merritt "TalkLeft: The Politics of Crime"
Ruy Teixeira "Donkey Rising"
Digby "Digby's Hullabaloo"

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