Wes Clark's Tax Plan

South Knox Bubba has read Wesley Clark's tax plan two or three times and says:

Being able to say "A family of four making up to $50,000 would pay no federal income taxes, and all taxpaying families with children making up to $100,000 would get a tax cut." and that "No families with incomes under $200,000 will pay more in taxes than they do today." is powerful stuff.

It's smart, too. 98% of Americans would pay lower taxes. 3.5 million families will pay no income tax at all. Only 0.1% of taxpayers will pay more. 31 million families will benefit, and bonus, will not even have to file a tax return. What's not to like? (Although I'm not clear on what happens to the 2% or so making more than $200K but less than $1 million).... This is a good deal for American workers and families, and everyone benefits in the long run.

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