After Seven Years, Unidentified DNA in JonBenet Case Sent to FBI

It only took seven years, but unidentified DNA from JonBenet Ramsey's underwear has finally been submitted to the FBI for comparison with persons in its national databank.

Previous tests showed the DNA did not match members of the Ramsey family. Why wasn't it submitted earlier? The police say it was because the sample wasn't good enough. Miraculously, after being in storage for seven years, now it's just fine.

Lin Wood, the Ramseys' lawyers, have a much more plausible theory:

Wood accused Boulder police of not aggressively pursuing the DNA because it appeared to have been from someone outside the Ramsey family. The Ramseys have long contended that an outsider killed their daughter, and they have accused police of ignoring that possibility.

Police declined to comment, referring questions to the district attorney's office.

As an aside, we've maintained a website on JonBenet's murder since 1999. It's called: Jon Benet Ramsey: The Media UnLynch Mob Page. It was on hiatus for 2003, but if this DNA testing shows anything, we will resurrect it.

JonBenet was killed seven years ago today, December 26, 1996.

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