JonBenet Ramsey: Evidence of an Intruder

The lawsuit filed by the parents of JonBenet Ramsey against Fox News lists the following evidence linking her murder to an intruder:

  • Male DNA found on JonBenét's panties that is not the DNA of anyone in the Ramsey family and has not been sourced;
  • Male DNA found under JonBenét?s fingernails of both hands that is not the DNA of anyone in the Ramsey family and has not been sourced;
  • Two pairs of marks on JonBenét?s body which indicate that a stun gun was used to subject and torture her;
  • Evidence of an intruder found in the Ramseys? basement, including a broken open window with a suitcase and broken glass under it, and a window-well to this window with signs of recent disturbance;
  • Material from the window-well found in the room where JonBenét was discovered;
  • Male pubic or ancillary hair and numerous fibers found on JonBenét's body, clothing and blanket which do not match anything in the Ramsey home and have not been sourced;
  • Unidentified shoe prints in the basement and unidentified palm prints on the door to the room where JonBenét was found, which do not match those of anyone in the Ramsey home and have not been sourced;
  • JonBenét's autopsy findings, which indicate that she was sexually assaulted, strangled, tortured and then bludgeoned at or near the point of death
  • physical evidence of the manner and timing of her death which does not fit the theory of an accidental killing by a parent or sibling followed by staging;
  • The garrote and slipknots used to bind and kill JonBenét were sophisticated torture and bondage devices which no one in the Ramsey family had the knowledge to construct;
  • Materials used to assault and strangle JonBenét. The stun gun, nylon cord and duct tape which necessarily existed but which were never owned by the Ramseys and were not found in their home;

  • A missing portion of the paintbrush handle which was used to construct the garrote and may have been used to sexually assault JonBenét;
  • A three-page handwritten ransom note which law enforcement experts have not identified as being authored by any member of the Ramsey family;
  • Missing pages from the pad on which the ransom note was written;
  • The 'butler's' door found open the morning of the murder, near which was found an unsourced baseball bat that had fibers on it consistent with those found in the basement where JonBenét?s body was found; and
  • Complete absence of evidence of motive or history indicating that John, Patsy or Burke Ramsey were capable of murdering JonBenét or staging an elaborate cover up of the crime.

Here are the comments of the Fox News reporter that are the subject of the lawsuit :

Detectives say they had good reason to suspect the Ramseys. The couple and JonBenet's 9-year-old brother, Burke, were the only known people in the house the night she was killed. JonBenet had been strangled, bludgeoned, and sexually assaulted, most likely from one of her mother's paintbrushes. The longest ransom notes most experts have ever seen, three pages, was left behind. Whomever killed her spent a long time in the family home, yet there has never been any evidence to link an intruder to her brutal murder.
(emphasis supplied.)

The Rocky Mountain News recently published this list of evidence supporting an intruder theory.

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