Air France Cancellations: False Alarm?

It looks like the cancellations of the Air France to LAX flights yesterday were a false alarm:

French investigators questioned seven men pointed out by U.S. intelligence but found no evidence they planned to use a Los Angeles-bound jet to launch terror attacks against the United States, French authorities said Thursday.

U.S. intelligence officials told their French counterparts that members of the al-Qaida terrorist network would try to board the planes over Christmas, said a French judicial official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The seven questioned men, who all had tickets for Air France Flight 68 to Los Angeles, were on a watch list provided by U.S. authorities, an Interior Ministry spokesman said. But all were released after questioning Wednesday night, the spokesman said. "There are no longer any investigations," he said. France's anti-terrorism judicial unit chose not to launch a formal investigation because of a lack of evidence of an attack, the judicial official said.

While that's the news in France, U.S. officials say they believe one of the planes was to be hijacked en route to LA and crashed in Las Vegas. The article says the U.S. foiled the attack. But this article suggests Las Vegas was just a vague mention, not a specific threat.

Update: Las Vegas officials deny a threat to their city.

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