From Courtroom to Basketball Court

Kobe Bryant wasted no time --as soon as his court hearing in Eagle was over, he was off to LA where he opened the second quarter of the Lakers game against the Denver Nuggets:

Kobe Bryant didn't arrive back from a court hearing in Colorado in time for tipoff against the Denver Nuggets, but he started the second quarter. Bryant spent the day in Eagle, Colo., for a motions hearing involving his sexual assault case.

About 35 minutes after tipoff, he walked to the bench wearing his warmups, bounced on his toes and stretched his legs. Fans shouted his name and cheered. Bryant bumped fists with the scoring crew and walked on the court to start the second quarter.

No big news in the case today as the Judge put evidentiary issues off until January--except for the embarassing announcement by the DA that his office got two of the anti-Kobe t-shirts that made the news last month.

Defense attorney Pamela Mackey called the shirts inflammatory and derogatory and said they've been characterized as racist and "evocative of (a Ku Klux) Klan lynching."

....In an embarrassing admission, Eagle County District Attorney Mark Hurlbert said someone in his office ordered the shirts and that he and chief deputy prosecutor Greg Crittenden were each given one by "an unknown source."

Hurlbert said he immediately destroyed his shirt, but Crittenden held on to his until Thursday. Neither wore the shirts, he said. Even Hurlbert supporters said his office goofed up.

Update: Our view of the t-shirt issue, as reported by the press November 6:

"It strips the sheriff's department of any integrity," Denver defense attorney Jeralyn Merritt said. "These officers are sworn to uphold the law, not to make a mockery of it. They can't get away with saying this is just in jest."

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