Kobe Bryant Challenges Accuser's Emotional Stability and Motives

Kobe Bryant filed his pre-trial motions today. He is seeking to introduce evidence of his accuser's two purported suicide attempts and of her being prescribed anti-psychotic medication (pdf format). He is also challenging the constitutionality of the rape shield law(pdf format)--on it's face--because the standard for admitting prior bad acts of the accuser is higher than that provided for admitting prior bad acts of the defendant. You can access and read the motions at the court's website here. Note that all pleadings are in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.

The defense motion characterizes her as an extreme attention seeker and says her suicide attempts were done to gain the attention of her former boyfriend.

"The purported suicide attempts are extreme attention-seeking behavior that illustrate the accuser's ulteriour motives, scheme and plan to engage in dramatic acts in order to draw attention to herself--even when these acts are extremely harmful to herself and others.

We think the issue of anti-psychotic medication is very relevant to the accuser's credibility. Was she on the medication at the time of the incident with Kobe? Had she abruptedly stopped taking it? Did it skew her perceptions? Did it cause her to distort reality? Did it render her in denial?

Kobe is facing life in prison over this charge. We think he has the right to bring out information that shows the accuser has a motive, history or propensity for lying or that her emotional instablility may have resulted in her fabricating the rape charge.

Update: The AP reports on the motions. Kobe's lawyers are moving to keep his t-shirt (which reportedly had some of the accuser's blood on it) out of evidence:

The defense said the T-shirt should not have been taken as evidence because Bryant was wearing it during the search, and the warrant authorized them to take only items from the room, not his person.

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