Blogging Around

Kevin at Calpundit went to a blogger meet last night and they discussed all kinds of things, including lefty bloggers:

Most lefty bloggers are actually pretty moderate liberals: me, Josh Marshall, Atrios, Matt Yglesias, Jeralyn Merritt, Brad DeLong, etc. (Atrios is a hardnosed partisan, but his politics are actually fairly centrist liberal. Surprise!) Most righty bloggers are actually libertarians, not conservatives.

Wampum is still accepting nominations for the 2003 Lefty Blog Awards, called the Koufax Awards. We won the award last year for best single issue blog. We hope to get nominated again this year. Lots of worthy competition, go over and check out the multitude of submissions and plug some of your own favorites.

Walter in Denver has the first Rocky Mountain Blog Roundup today. Nice.

Say hello to A Burst of Light. We found him in our comments section and like his style.

In recognition of Saddam's capture, Buzzflash is re-running it's March editorial on the real reasons Bush went to war.

New article at the Independent Institute: Uncle Sam's Guantanamo Prison: Outside the Rule of Law by Brigid O'Neil.

Howard Dean's blog has the full text of his foreign policy speech. Dave Cullen of Conclusive Evidence has thoughts on speculation that Dean is "toast." (He's not.) Skippy too has some thoughts on the demise of Dean (not) subject.

Also say hello to Battlegrounds Ballotboxes, internet political activist Kevin Thurman's new blog.

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