Saddam Captured

By TChris

Saddam captured in underground hideout near Tikrit

  • No shots fired as 600 U.S. troops raided location
  • Saddam said to be "cooperative" and "talkative"
  • U.S. holds former leader at undisclosed location
  • Iraqis celebrate in streets of Baghdad

The New York Times reports:

Coalition troops discovered Mr. Hussein hiding in a hole below a walled compound on the farm, located in the town of Adwar, about 10 miles from his hometown of Tikrit.

Military authorities said that Mr. Hussein had put up no resistance and that not one shot had been fired in the operation. They said they were able to confirm his identity using DNA tests.

This is likely to give Bush a bump in the opinion polls. It remains to be seen whether the situation in Iraq will improve as a result of Hussein's capture.

Update: Here's how he was captured.

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