Mick Jagger Gets Knighthood

It's "Sir Mick" from now on. The New York Times runs this editorial on it.

Keith Richards called the honor a "disgrace." Mick thinks he's jealous:

"I think he would probably like to get the same honor himself," Jagger told reporters. "It's like being given an ice cream - one gets one and they all want one. It's nothing new. Keith likes to make a fuss."

Jagger was accompanied at the ceremony by his 92 year old father and two of his daughters, Karis and Elizabeth. How come no Jade?

Congratulations to Mick. He's been one of our all-time favorites since:

Our all time favorites are:

Our favorite song is You Can't Always Get What You Want (from Let it Bleed.) Runner-up is Dead Flowers (off Sticky Fingers) -- but that's because it's their only song we can still play and sing by heart on the guitar.

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