We've Got a Guest Blogger

On Thanksgiving, I wrote that I had overstressed my wrist and been fitted with a cast. Well, that wasn't successful. But I have a diagnosis now, de Quervain's tenosynovitis--once called "washer woman's sprain." [ Here's more.] I just got a big painful, shot of cortisone (some new kind that supposedly doesn't cause atrophy and discoloration) and a shiny new black splint I'm only supposed to wear at night.

So, even though this condition is not caused by typing or the computer, I do have to lighten up here for a bit. Maybe just a few shorter posts a day.

This weekend, TChris, whom many of you know from his frequent, intelligent and well-expressed comments at TalkLeft, agreed to be drafted and guest blog on TalkLeft. He's an experienced, talented, dedicated criminal defense lawyer from the midwest--and although this is his first foray into blogging as other than a commenter, I know you will like him lots. Of all the regular commenters on TalkLeft, I think his views come the closest to my own. But he's not going to try and be like me--he's going to be himself, writing about what interests him in a style that's all his own.

So say hello to TChris, and make him feel welcome with plentiful comments--even when you disagree with him. I'll try to pop in a couple of times over the weekend, and I expect to be back to normal here Monday. I'm thinking positive--I have to--it's my right thumb and wrist and I'm right handed.

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