Left vs. Left in San Francisco

Today is election day in San Francisco for Mayor. It's liberal Democrat establishment candidate Gavin Newsom vs. progressive Green party candidate (and former Democrat and public defender) Matt Gonzales. Gavin is heavily favored, having the support of outgoing mayor Willie Brown, Bill Clinton, Al Gore and the San Francisco Chronicle. Clinton was in SF yesterday, stumping for Gavin.

We think Matt Gonzales will make a respectable showing. The San Franisco Chronicle recently ran its Editorial Board interview with Gonzales.

While both candidates are progressive, Gonzales is more so. The AP puts it this way:

The candidates have such similar positions that both would be considered liberals in almost any city outside California. But in this race, which has hinged as much on looks and lifestyles as their approaches to homelessness and economic development, Newsom has been cast as a Republican in liberal's clothing, Gonzalez the fringe spoiler.

Gonzales put it this way:

"It will be a test of who turns out to vote," said Gonzalez, whose campaign has attracted a mix of college students, unemployed dot-commers, artists and activists old enough to remember the 1960s.

"You have to give us some props for putting this thing together and bringing it to this place," Gonzalez told reporters Monday. "We've assaulted the traditional ideas of politics."

Check out John Nichols' OnLine Beat in The Nation discussing the race. And here's a list of bloggers for Matt.

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