On the Death of John Lennon

The death of John Lennon on Dec. 8, 1980 outside his New York Apartment building around 10:00 p.m has always held a special meaning for the TalkLeft family.

I was 3 1/2 weeks overdue with my first child. On Dec. 8, I went to the hosptial in the afternoon to be induced. It didn't work, they sent me home. At bedtime, my then-husband and I were in bed-- he was watching Monday Night Football, I was reading a book. All of a sudden, Howard Cosell's huge voice boomed out: "An unspeakable tragedy this evening in New York City. John Lennon has been shot."

The minute I heard that I gasped and felt a pop--the shock of the news had caused my water to break. We went racing to the hospital. We learned John Lennon was dead. Within 2 hours, at 1am on Dec. 9, our son Nic was born. I have always believed, and told him, that when John Lennon's spirit went out, his came in. So for the past 23 years, this day is not only a celebration of a birthday, but a time to reflect on the nature of the extradordinary soul who has touched my son's soul.

Nic is in his first year of law school. But his first passion is for his music--he plays guitar. Whenever we are in NY together, we visit sidewalk art shows in lower downtown and pick up some Lennon memorabilia. Nic feels the connection too.

So, on this birthday eve for Nic, I wish him success at whichever endeavor --law or music, he chooses. And to John Lennon, we wish eternal peace.

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